About us

Some may be surprised to know that our roots go back to Golarng Industrial Group, the largest Iranian laundry and home care product manufacturer since 1972. After our humble beginning in 2009 as a small discount grocer in Tehran, Ofoq Kourosh has opened thousands of stores all over Iran and is expanding its horizons internationally. Our passion is creating a seamless experience, to let our customers shop anywhere in-store, or online and through mobile devices at the comfort of their homes. Ofoq Kourosh is just around the corner with affordable prices, quality items, and friendly staff to serve all Iranians. Today we have grown to more than 2000 stores nationwide and international, and over 15000 team members, who help us create opportunities and bring value to our customers and community. They are truly the key to our success.

Our Story
Karim Fazli, the founder of Golrang Industrial Group, began manufacturing Pakshoo home care products.
Golrang added personal hygiene items to Pakshoo’s product line.
Golrang established its own distribution channel under Golpakhsh.Pakshoo, and Golpakhsh are still the biggest production and distribution companies in Iran.
Grocery food items were added to Golrang’s production line.The following years, Golrang expanded its operations in Pharmaceutical, Dairy Farm, Dairy Packaging, Saffron and Date Production, Poultry, Industrial Equipment, International Trade, ERP Software, Advertising and Marketing, Constructions, Shopping Mall and Cinema Plex, and Family Hyper Markets. Today, company shares are being traded in Tehran Stock Exchange.
Golrang plans to open its own grocery chain stores under Ofoq Kourosh.
The first store of Ofoq Kourosh grocery chain was opened in Tehran.
Franchise policies were implemented.
Ofoq Kourosh was introduced to the Tehran Stock Exchange as Iran's 526th grocery store company.
Ofoq Kourosh was awarded as the Largest Iranian Retailer and the Most Popular Grocer of Iran.
Ofoq Kourosh was ranked 40th among the top 100 companies of Iran. Ofoq Kourosh has over 2000 stores nationwide in 31 provinces, and nearly 15000 employees.